GCT KIDS... Creating character one stage at a time. 

Wonder if your child might be bit by the acting bug? Want to give them the extra bit of confidence they need to shine? Students involved in the arts thend to have higher academic performance and better test scores.  Public speaking skills, ability to work with a team to achieve a goal, self discipline and learning to accept feedback are just some of the benefits for your child!



PRIVATE VOCAL AND PIANO instruction is offered at the Golden Chain Theatre, taught by our Musical Director. James Mierkey.  Private instruction allows each student and teacher to create a unique path of learning. Generally meeting once a week, private lessons are appropriate for students of any age or skill level and can be taken concurrently with group classes. 30 Minute classes, $20 per class, payable one month in advance.  Call 760-8789


GCT JUNIOR PLAYERS AUDITION ONLY PERFORMANCE GROUP Intermediate level class that will mix all elements of singing, acting and dance.  Students will delve deeper into what students of this age can appropriately handle, including some scene work and character research, behavior and physicality modeling, acting, and singing excersises which require physical discipline and balance, harmony and marginally complex rhythyms. This musical theatre performing group will open many of the performances at GCT in the 2018 season, requiring a major commitment of up to 3 performances a week in addition to rehearsals.  Classes are held Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 pm. Instructors: James Mierkey and Jennifer Janine.  Call 760-8789 for information. Auditions are held in January and August. 


Call 683-7112 to reserve your spot!

KIDS WORKSHOP- DISNEYS ARISTOCATS KIDS.  For children in grades 1st-7th, Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm, Workshop begins June 18 and 30 min performances are July 14 and 15. Cost is $225 per child.  Directed by Miranda Simonich. 

TEENS WORKSHOP- THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE JR.   For teens in grades 7th-12th. Monday-Friday from 1-4pm.  Workshop begins June 25 and 60 min performances are July 20, 21, 22.  Cost is $225 per child. Directed by Michael Van Buren.