Our theatre welcomes all performers of all ages and experience levels. The audition can be a great experience to get to know others with similar passions to yours and get some good experience. Our audition process is often very fun and informal. More audition information will also be posted on our Facebook page. 

* All shows are subject to change pending receipt of rights from the publishing houses, and show dates are tentative pending contract completion. 

2017 auditions INFORMATION!

GCT JR PLAYERS Auditions for 2017

  Wednesday, January 18th at 4pm. 

Directors: James Mierkey and Jennifer Piccolotti.  

Please be prepared with a vocal solo to perform at audition.

This small audition-only group of performers under 18 open every show in the 2017 season with a short song and dance performance.  Jr Players must be able and willing to be exceptional role models for other performers, singing, dancing, emcee, hostess, greeter, and any other area they may be needed. Grooming the next generation of leaders for the GCT.  Rehearsals are each Wednesday, 4-5.  $40 per month for this class/group.



AUDITIONS February 27th and 28th, 5:30pm at GCT

Written by Joseph Kesserling, Directed by Mary Helen Mierkey

Please be prepared to do a cold read from the script. 


Arsenic and Old Lace opens in the living room of the Brewster home, inhabited by two spinster aunts, Abby and Martha Brewster, and their nephew, Teddy. Rev. Dr. Harper is chatting with Abby about her other nephew, Mortimer, who in love with the reverend’s daughter, Elaine. Soon joining the conversation are two friendly police officers, Brophy and Klein, who have come by (as they often do) to pick up a box for charity from the kindly Brewster sisters. Theodore, who is rather crazy but harmless, thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt and charges up the stairs to retrieve the box.

The reverend and the policemen leave, only to be replaced by Mortimer, who announces to his aunts that he intends to marry Elaine, whom he is taking to a play that evening.

However, the happy family starts to unravel when Mortimer lifts the lid to the window seat and discovers a dead body within. He immediately assumes that Teddy has killed the man. However, Abby and Martha tell Mortimer that it was they who poisoned the man with their homemade elderberry wine—and that he is the eleventh (or twelfth, depending on how you count) gentleman they have shared their wine with. The sisters explain that these are charitable acts: They befriend lonely older gentlemen who do not have much to live for and then kill them with elderberry wine laced with arsenic. They continue that Mortimer should not worry because Teddy is down in the cellar digging what he believes is the Panama Canal, but is in reality the latest grave.

Just then Elaine arrives and an exited and worried Mortimer tells her they are not going to the theatre afterall. After a brief quarrel, Elaine leaves.

About this time, Mortimer and Teddy's brother, Jonathan, shows up. Jonathan, a true maniacal criminal, is accompanied by Dr. Einstein, a plastic surgeon of doubtful character. Dr. Einstein has changed Jonathan so that he looks like Boris Karloff, the horror film star.

Teddy invites Einstein to join him in the cellar, where he is supposedly digging the Panama Canal. Einstein quickly returns and confides to Jonathan that there is a hole large enough to bury Mr. Spenalzo (a man Jonathan recently killed) after everyone goes to bed. Once the lights are out and everyone is supposedly asleep, Teddy goes to the window seat to get Mr. Hoskins, and Jonathan and Einstein go to their car to get Mr. Spenalzo, both planning on filling the hole in the cellar.

Thus begins several hilarious scenes of lights blinking on and off, of bodies being moved from the window seat to the cellar to the car outside, and of accusations and threats back and forth.

Because of the commotion at the house, Officer O'Hara stops by to make sure all is well. When he is convinced that everything is alright, he shifts topics and corners Mortimer in a discussion of a play he is writing.

Just then, Lieutenant Rooney bursts in and recognizes Jonathan as an escapee from a prison for the criminally insane. Jonathan tells the officers about the bodies in the cellar, but they don't believe him and take him off to prison. Einstein gets away, and Theodore is certified insane and taken to the Happy Dale Sanitarium.

Trying to protect society without sending his aunts to prison, Mortimer ecstatically agrees when his aunts insist on going to Happy Dale with their nephew. The aunts then kindly inform Mortimer that he is actually not a member of the Brewster family. He was an illegitimate child and thus can marry Elaine without fear of passing the Brewster insanity on to his children. Mortimer happily departs, but before the women leave their house, they offer a drink to the head of Happy Dale, Mr. Witherspoon. Witherspoon is a lonely older gentleman, and he gladly accepts a glass of the spiked elderberry wine. . . .


Abby Brewster: A darling lady in her sixties who poisons elderly men. Abby is the sister of Martha and an aunt to Teddy, Jonathan, and Mortimer.

The Rev. Dr. Harper: Minister and father of Elaine

Teddy Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster, Teddy is a man in his forties who thinks that he is Theodore Roosevelt.

Officer Brophy: A police officer

Officer Klein: A police officer

Martha Brewster: A sweet elderly woman with Victorian charm who poisons elderly men, Martha is the sister of Abby and an aunt to Teddy, Jonathan, and Mortimer.

Elaine Harper: An attractive girl in her twenties and Mortimer’s fiancee, Elaine is the daughter of the Rev. Dr. Harper. She is surprisingly wise in the ways of the world for a minister's daughter.

Mortimer Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha, Mortimer is a drama critic who is engaged to Elaine. He is a nice man who cares for his aunts.

Mr. Gibbs: A man who wishes to rent a room from the Brewster sisters

Jonathan Brewster: Nephew of Abby and Martha Brewster, Jonathan is a psychopath who has had plastic surgery and now looks like Boris Karloff.

Dr. Einstein: A plastic surgeon and an alcoholic who is in his fifties, Dr. Einstein has changed Jonathan's face three times.

Officer O'Hara: A police officer, O’Hara is a would-be playwright who pesters Mortimer to read his play.

Lieutenant Roony: A tough and dominating police officer

Mr. Witherspoon: The superintendent of Happy Dale Sanitarium




AUDITIONS March 27th and 28th, 5:30 at GCT

Written by Brian Burton, Directed by Cynthia McFann

Please be prepared to cold read from the script.  Singing is required in this melodrama, since we are performing it true to the origonal. Come show ups your circus tricks, the show will be presented by PT Barnum as it was in 1844.


The Drunkard, or the Fallen Saved, follows Edward Middleton, a fine upstanding citizen, who has just received ownership of a large estate. In the opening scene of the play we find Mrs. Wilson, and Mary Wilson talking about how they have been living on the estate under the care of the pervious owner, and their fear of what the new owner will do with them. Lawyer Cribbs then makes his first appearance, explaining how the new owner will probably kick them off of the land. However, when Edward finally arrives, he instead falls immediately in love with Mary. Time passes, and we see the Middleton family expanded by one: Edward and Marys' daughter, Julia. The Lawyer Cribbs has a plan to destroy Edward and take all of his money... 


Mrs Wilson, a good woman, in the vale of years

Mary Wilson, the sweet heroine

Squire Cribbs, a villan of the deepest dye

Edward Middleton, the hero with a lesson to learn

Sophia Spindle, An eccentric spinster

William Dowton, a simple rustic

Agnes Dowton, his poor, demented sister

Mrs. Miller, a villager of three score and ten summers

Mrs. Gates, a villager with a taste for gossip

Mrs. Stevens, another villager with a similar taste

Sam Adams, an elderly rustic with a thirst

The Landlord, of the village inn

Arden Ravenclaw, a noble philanthropist

An officer of the Law

Villagers, a clergyman, etc. 


PT Barnum

Various circus performers and hawkers, in the victorian steampunk style




AUDITIONS May 22nd and 23rd, 5:30 at GCT

Written by Joe Pietro and Directed by Jennifer Piccolotti

Written for 2 couples, this show is rated PG13 and requires physical contact. Please prepare a vocal solo for your audition and be prepared to be versaitle with characters. 



This celebration of the mating game takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum know as 'the relationship.' Act I explores the journey from dating and waiting to love and marriage, while Act II reveals the agonies and triumphs of in-laws and newborns, trips in the family car and pick-up techniques of the geriatric set. This hilarious revue pays tribute to those who have loved and lost, to those who have fallen on their face at the portal of romance, to those who have dared to ask, 'Say, what are you doing Saturday night?’





AUDITIONS July 17th and 18th, 5:30 at GCT

Written by Frederick Knott, Directed by Ruthann and Michael Van Buren

Please be prepared to do a cold read from the script. 


Tony Wendice has married his wife, Margot, for her money and now plans to murder her for the same reason. He arranges the perfect murder. He blackmails a scoundrel he used to know into strangling her for a fee of one thousand pounds, and arranges a brilliant alibi for himself. Unfortunately…the murderer gets murdered and the victim survives. But this doesn't baffle the husband: He sees his hireling's death as an opportunity to have his wife convicted for the murder of the man who tried to murder her, and that is what almost happens. Luckily, the police inspector from Scotland Yard and a young man who is in love with the wife discover the truth, and in a scene of almost unbearable suspense they trap the husband into revealing his guilt, thus freeing Margot.



Margot Wendice: The charming, naïve, and wealthy wife of Tony, Margot has no idea that Tony knows of her past affair with Max, nor does she suspect that Tony is planning to murder her.

Max Halliday: An American murder mystery writer, Tony had an affair with Margot during the time Tony was playing professional tennis tournaments in America. He is still in love with Margot and comes to visit the couple in London.

Tony Wendice: Margot’s husband, Tony is a former professional tennis player who married Margot for her money. He is selfish and arrogant and has an elaborate scheme to murder Margot because of jealousy over a past affair between Margot and Max.

Captain Lesgate: An old schoolmate of Tony’s and a convicted criminal, Lesgate is now being blackmailed by Tony into murdering Margot. He seems willing to do anything for money.

Inspector Hubbard: A British Inspector of Police, Hubbard is a bit eccentric, but thoughtful and thorough.

Thompson: A police officer.



AUDITIONS AUGUST 7th and 8th, 5:30 at GCT

Written by James Mierkey and Jennifer Piccolotti, Directed by George and Melinda Rich

This musical review will celebrate 100 years of musical theatre.  Pirates of Penzance, Oklahoma!, Singin' in the Rain, RENT, Avenue Q, Hamilton? All fair game in this amazing collaborative show! 



AUDITIONS September 25th and 26th, 5:30 at GCT

Directed by James Mierkey

Please be prepared to sing any christmas carol.